Zune HD Review and Comparison


The Zune HD is a full package touch screen mp3 / video player. It looks absolutely amazing, on or off! When you turn it on the screen is incredibly sharp and very responsive to each touch. The quickplay options make it a breeze to get right to the music or video you want to watch without the incessant scrolling you're used to.

The fact that it can send out HD video is enough to make any grown man cry, and any woman admire its ingenuity. Add wi-fi which allows you to surf the net at will anywhere there's a wi-fi connection, the ability to sync without having to find that stupid plug that connects it to your computer, and the ability to tag songs on crystal clear HD radio stations to buy later, and you've got yourself an amazing little machine.

The only argument against the Zune HD is … well … it's not an iTouch. So what does that mean? That means it does not have the plethora of apps that the iTouch has … at least for now. You can expect Microsoft to come up with several apps in the near future, and most likely open the floor to other developers as well. But let's be honest, it may not be possible to catch up to apples overwhelming amount of apps … at least not any time soon.



Ipods are the best selling mp3 players … ever. The itouch is apples touch screen mp3 / video player with more apps than you could ever imagine. It is slightly larger than the Zune HD, with a 3.5 "screen.

Samsung P3

The P3 is Samsungs newest touch screen mp3 / video player. The P3 has a reasonable resolution, and standard FM radio. It also has Bluetooth capability which allows it to link up wirelessly and be used in conjunction with any Bluetooth phone. have HD radio, wi-fi, or HD video output capability.


Impressively smooth, incredibly responsive device that is easy to navigate the Zune HD [] surpasses expectations in almost every aspect. Its OLED screen is bright and vibrant. Its w-fi browser is responsive and easy to use, and its HD capabilities are 2nd to none.


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