What Is Green Screen Technology?

Green screen technology refers to the process of mixing two images together. In this technique, the color of one image is removed to reveal another image behind it. Green is often used as a background as compared to other colors because image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to this color. Therefore, the green camera channel contains the least "noise" and can produce the cleanest mask. Additionally, less light is required to illuminate green because of the higher sensitivity to the color in image sensors. The technology produces results in the form of effects you see in everything from the weather forecast to blockbuster movies.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind to use the technique. You should have proper lighting and high quality camera to work wonder with the green colored screen. Improper lighting can cause undesired shadows and different shades on the screen. This will give undesired results.

The mechanism solves many problems of a photographer in various ways. It eliminates a background all together. It serves as a temporary backdrop. With one background screen, a photographer can feature various colors and designs. For example, a photographer wanted to mix the cast of a television show together, he can take pictures of the complete cast separately and then mix them together easily by removing the background. In this way, a photographer requires one background screen instead of several.

Professionals mainly use the technique. The use is popular for photo shoots in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Photographers use the mechanism for Portrait Photography as well. They are able to fix elaborate sets and all kinds of backgrounds. Teachers can use the technology in the classrooms. She can place the image of a student in the area of ​​the topic that they are learning. Those who have photography as their hobby can also use it. If you want, you can use the technique at home. Instead of a green background, you can use a solid colored sheet. Mount it to the wall and make it as flat as possible. Using green color in the background is essential so the sheet should be of the same color. Take the pictures and use an advanced photo program in order to eliminate the background of the picture and replace it with another. It is fun for the family to take their photographs and see theirs well-lit faces when you place them in settings around the world.


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