What is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing? FHTM Review

The story of Paul Orberson and Fortune Hi Tech Marketing (FHTM), the company he founded, has taken the MLM industry by storm. How does FHTM differentiate itself from all other network marketing companies and is this the right business for you?

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – FHTM- Overview

Even in an established network marketing industry, FHTM is a pioneer. For the past eight years of existence, it has built an international marketing empire and rakes in $ 500 million in sales.

FHTM is, at its core, just like any other MLM company. It makes its money by using representatives to sell products and services of other companies. These may be services or health and wellness products. Through an entry fee and hard work, representatives can become highly successful through their own marketing efforts.

FHTM has distinguished itself by pioneering key MLM ideas. That key idea is that to be a successful marketer you must properly position yourself ahead of the changing economic times.

The 'changing economic times' of recent events is a completely understandable concept but what does 'proper positioning' ahead of this change really mean for FHTM?

The first step for an independent representative or marketer is to purchase services or products and use them. Fortune Hi Tech Marketing company focuses on marketing only products and services that people are already or will will be using. Through the selling of those products and services, the representative begin to build his business. They recruit others, train them and build a team of sales reps and in this way the representative cashes in on a much larger network of sales.

Paul Orberson, the Founder

Paul Orberson is the Paul Bunyan of the network marketing industry. In 1989 Pau; Orberson that is, began his business career. He was a history teacher, but thought that supplementing this meager income would be fun and helpful. It was! Only six years from stepping into the business world, Paul Orberson broke all the records by earning a million dollars within a month and doing it month after month.

The company that Orberson joined was Excel Communications. Although it has since filed for bankruptcy and gone out of business, Paul Orberson rode the wave of success that the company first experienced. Seeing the dangers early, he left in time with more money than most people even dream of.

Paul could have stayed retired, but instead he decided to launch an even larger adventure – starting his own company. He wanted to launch a firm that could enable other people to experience success through their own efforts.

Within a short time, FHTM was born. Partnering with household names like Verizon, Travelocity, and AT & T, FHTM took off as an immediately successful company.

FHTM: the Final Analysis

No network marketing company, if they are honest, is a get-rich quick business and neither is FHTM. Rather, FHTM is one example of a very successful network marketing company that uses the principles of network marketing to grow and become successful. The cornerstones of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing are that true financial success comes from a good strategy, time and hard work.


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