Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Two Coolest Technology Gifts For Christmas

In my retail research, I am frequently asked "what are the best technology gifts to give for Christmas each year?"

I often have trouble coming up with the answer but this year the answer is simple. I have found two technology gifts that I absolutely love: the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera.

Technology has come a long way but technology advances typically bringing a steep, somewhat exhausting, learning curve. However, manufacturers are now realizing that people want the latest technologies but with ease and elegance attached. Each of these gifts, the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera, embraces the absolute latest in technology yet each is extremely simply to use, well-designed, and, as my daughter would say: "cool".

Let's start with the iPod Nano Purple.

There is one fact that we must acknowledge: You need to have an iPod. You need to have an iPod because you need music in your life. Music soothes, elevates, compliments and enhancements your life. So, then the question is: Which iPod is for you ?

Until now, I have had the iPod Shuffle. I have liked it for the following four reasons: simplicity, price, elegance, and randomness, because, as the slogan says, Life is Random . I thought I was tied to the iPod Shuffle for life until I happened upon the Mac Store recently.

There, I spotted the iPod Nano Purple and was immediately taken. It is absolute elegance in the way that it shines and feels to the touch. And, when I read that it had 16GB of memory, I thought that this may be able to hold almost all of my music. In fact, it allows for 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos, or 16 hours of video. My allegiance to the shuffle did not last long-I immediately bought the iPod Nano Purple.

After I used it for a week, I realized that this Nano is a great compliment to my other technology recommendation for 2008: the Flip Video Camera.

Video cameras have been around for a long time now, but you may not be aware of the new Flip Video Camera and the promises that it is capable to fulfill. You need to ask yourself one question to realize why you need the Flip Video Camera : Do you take your video camera with you wherever you go ?

The answer to the question for me was no, until I got the Flip Video Camera. This video camera is so compact that you can take it with you like you would take a PDA. But what about all the accessories, the tapes, the battery packs, the power cables? With the Flip Video Camera, you do not need any of this. All of the video (which is rendered in Hi-Def with the new MinoHd) is stored on a chip in the camera-no tapes necessary. With great battery life and a built-in USB port that connects to your TV, this product is easily one of the best Christmas Gifts for 2008.

And now, I can put my personal videos on my Purple iPod Nano and take my video memories with me wherever I want.

Each at the $ 200 mark, the iPod Nano Purple and the Flip Video Camera are easily the two best technology gifts for 2008.


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