The Fiercest Microprocessors

Almost more so than any other industry, the computer processor industry has a bunch of competition. There are established brand names in this industry such as Intel and AMD who are constantly competing for your business and many other up and coming companies who want to join in the fray as well. How do you know which one is the best and how do you know what to choose when you visit the computer store? One of best ways to go about making an informed decision is to compare and contrast some of the products that are available. The AMD Quad Core Opteron Processor is one of the top names out there, but there are some other products worth considering in addition to that one.

AMD Quad Core Opteron Processor

The Quad Core Opteron is one of the power products out there on the market today. AMD tried to take control of the processor market with this product and seems to have successfully placed their company name at the top of the list in comparison to other chip makers. This powerful computer piece is one of the most fundamentally sound products to hit the market in the last five years. The price reflects that fact.

Depending upon where you look to purchase this product, you can count on paying somewhere between $1,200 and $2,000. That is a hefty price to pay for a computer processor. But judging from reviews of the product, it might just be worth it. The quad core Opteron incorporates all of the function of up to eight different processors in one, making it a fully functional, fully capable machine that is powering some of the finest computers in the world.

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor

Though the AMD Quad Core Opteron seems to have conquered the market, there are still other products out there that do an admirable job of powering a computer. Intel has long been one of the top providers of these products and they continue to put out great deals on processors. The Intel Core 2 Quad Processor is the next in that long line of price-right values in this industry. It comes equipped with not only enough power to run major functions on any computer, but also a price tag that won’t break the bank.

As indicated in the product’s name, the Intel Core 2 Quad Processor features four working threads which come together to power any desktop computer. They work well with any operating system and can serve to power all of the functions of that system. It does not matter how advanced they might be. One of the main differences in this product, however, is that you will get quite a price discount as compared to some other products. Standard retail price sits somewhere between $200 and $300, so getting a hold of one is something that the average Joe can hope for. You won’t sacrifice much quality, either. Though it isn’t the top notch device that the AMD Quad Core Opteron is, this Intel still packs enough punch to remind people why Intel ruled the market for so long.

Intel Pentium D Processor

With all of the new products coming onto the block, people might have a tendency to forget the one that got it all started. The Pentium D Processor by Intel is a solid desktop computer processor that has the ability to run any number of advanced applications in a computer. Though it may not be the trendy choice for some of the new wave computer owners, many of the most technologically savvy owners would agree that sometimes it is better to go with a more trusted brand.

Intel has been providing computer processors for the better part of twenty years and they have always been able to come out with cutting edge products to stay ahead of the competition. The Pentium D Processor may only have two dedicated cores, but it is designed well enough to be able to many functions of the larger, more expensive processors. For a person who is looking for a great deal of quality while maintaining a relatively reasonable price range, this is a no-brainer choice.

These three products all bring something different and exciting to the computer world. Depending upon what you need in a processor and what you are willing to pay, there are a bunch of great options out there to look over. AMD’s new product has climbed to the top of the heap and commands a great deal of respect, but not enough is made of the quality associated with the other products that are mentioned. Intel knows what they are doing, too, and have consistently shown the ability to compete over the years with whatever competition comes their way.


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