The Dell Streak Tech Specs

Like any wise consumer, you will not choose to purchase the Dell Streak without knowing what it has to offer under its exterior and the features it comes with. If you are looking for the phone's specifications, you will find it here.

Here are the phone's tech specs:

Android Operating System

With the Android Operating System, you are sure to run anything from web browsers to mobile apps on the Streak. Not only do you get to run these things smoothly; you get to run them simultaneously. Multitasking will be a breeze. In addition, this mobile operating system will speed up your internet experience.

1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 Mobile Processor

With a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 Mobile Processor, you are sure to meet the most demanding requirements and run multiple mobile applications with ease. With this powerful mobile processor, you are sure to enjoy dependability, power, and speed.

Internet Speed

On a 3G network, you will enjoy 7.2 mbps of downloads and 5.76 mbps of uploads. This simply means that your internet experience on the phone will be nothing but lightning speed. Enjoy the best out of downloads, uploads, emails, browsing, streaming, and social networks.

5 Inch Display

The Dell Streak comes with a wide 5 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Not only will you enjoy rich and vibrant colors on this display; you get view web pages the way you would on your personal computer. In addition, this display is toughest mobile technology has to offer. With a screen made from Gorilla glass, scratching and breaking the screen is prevented.

5 MP Digital Camera

With a 5 MP digital camera, you are sure to capture images and record videos in stunning quality. Coupled with the internet capabilities of the Dell Streak, you are sure to upload these videos and images in the least possible time. Furthermore, the phone comes with a secondary camera mounted on the front of the phone for video calls.


With all of the multimedia and other files people store on their mobile phones, Dell gives you the option of choosing from 8, 16, to 32 GB options. With this much microSD support, you are sure to have enough room for your various files.

As you can see, compared to other phones of its class, the Streak is more superior. With these tech specs, the Dell Streak is definitely at the top of the mobile phone pack.


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