Technology Is Changing Communication In Society

Technology has increased exponentially near the end of the 20th century. There are now so many new means of communications that looking back at a decade ago, you would be surprised at all of how technology has progressed since then. The internet has become a new mode of communication which branches off into web cam conversations, instant messaging, email and social networking sites. Another main mode of communication that is dependent on today is the cellphone, almost everyone has one now a days.

The internet has allowed people to communicate with one another from and to any part of the world. Web cam conversations for example allow people to see the person they are communicating with along with their voice. This is a more personal type of communication, it is fast and allows you to reach people at any corner of the world as long as they have a web cam and an internet connection.

Instant messaging has also been becoming more and more popular. It is also a main source of communication among many people (especially the younger generation). Instant messaging allows people to talk to each other through writing instantly. Messages can be sent to the person in split seconds. With instant messaging you can talk to many people at once unlike using the phone, where you need to commit to just one person. One of the main reasons why instant messaging has become more popular is because not only is it convenient, it is also free.

Social networking sites are fairly new but it allows users to add their friends and send them messages. People can also network through social networking sites or find old lost friends. There are many options available in these sites such as messaging, chatting and uploading photos which you can connect to your friends and family.

Email is another dependent source of communication among several individuals and businesses. They are very used because it is free and your message can be sent to the other person instantly, unlike letter mail which takes days to process and deliver.

Cellphones are being used more often now as they become smaller and more affordable. Cellphones allow people to have constant communication with them at all times, instead of using the conventional house telephone which limits you to communication only at home, cellphones are brought with people wherever they go, allow you to be able to communicate with anyone at anytime.


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