Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Tech Savvy Book Report Idea

What better way to present your book report than with a power point presentation. Since the whole world is going tech savvy and everyone uses a computer it looks only logical to present your report in a slide show format.

When preparing your book report you do not have to be extremely elaborate in your power point demonstration. Some of the most simple yet powerful ads and reports are just a simple word or symbol on a white background.

Here are the steps you should make sure to follow:

1.Slide one should be the Book report name with your name

2.Slide two can be the author and any other people from the book that need to be recognized

3.Slide 3 can be a simple intro which will tease the audience about the book. Maybe you liked it because it kept your interest and wanting to never put it down or was always waiting to see what happened on the next page. This is always a clincher for me. If the reader says they could wait to see page after page to find out what came next it intrigues me to at least want to pick up the book and try it out for myself. I also go into a book read with some excitement knowing someone else had an exciting time reading.

4. Start with the time and plot. Where do we start? What time period are we in and was did the area look like and for me most important smell like. If you describe something like a warm fire that cracked and smelled of burning logs I will immediately be swept up into a cozy and inviting setting.

5. Who are the main characters. They should be described on the next slide. Do they come into the book from the beginning or are they introduced later as something happens?

6. What happens in the book? This is a basic summary and do not bore the listeners into too much detail. Keep it simple! If they want to know more they can read the book themselves. Give them the utmost highlights about what the main topic are only.

7. Next slide put you into the scenario. Did you like a particular part because you could relate. This happened to me when I was a child or this is commonly used in a certain part of the country.

8. Give your opinion. Everyone interpreted things differently. How did the book make you feel? What did you take away from the book? Did this vary from others who read the same book?

9. Finalize in the last slide but do not give away the ending or the whole story. Remember to not bore your audience but let them know what the book is mainly about.


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