Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tassimo Coffee Makers – Wise Technology Review

Tassimo coffee makers are the coffee machines that have stood the test of time with their breakthrough technology and cutting edge creativity. So what then makes the tassimo coffee makers so different?

Where the difference made a change in everyday life

The Tassimo coffee makes is designed with family and friends in mind. This is not just a brewing system to have standing around, but rather one to please each and every single friend or family member.

Tasimmo achieved this with their breakthrough technology called the – Tassimo T Discs.

These ingenious discs are designed to work exclusively with you Tassimo system. Each and every disc contains just the right amount of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or concentrated milk, and is sealed to protect your precious flavors, so that you can make the perfect Cappuccino, Latte or espresso that you desire, whenever you want in the comfort of your home.

Simply place the desired flavored T Disc in the coffee maker, and press the button. Tassimo coffee makers are designed to read the barcode on each disc, which enables it to select the exact amount of water required, brewing time, and temperature to prepare your desired drink in less than a minute.

Brewing for the Tassimo excellent coffee system takes place within the dics using a unique inverse flow, your beverage pours directly from the disc into your cup, that means there is no mess, no fuss, and you can prepare different drinks, one after the other as you would like!

What makes the coffee makers outstanding as well is the quality of their ingredients that they use in the disks. To have the highest quality coffees, you need the highest quality beans, and this is where Tassimo coffee makers have stood the test of time.

Availabel Brands:

  • Gevalia Kaffe
  • Jacobs
  • Kenco
  • Carte Noire
  • Mastro Lorenzo
  • Maxwell Best Coffee


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