Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Sonyprs300 eBook Reader Reviews Really Prove This to Be the Best eBook Reader Yet


True, some eBook reader reviews correctly point out that the Sony Pocket Edition doesn’t have all the features available on some other devices, but there is a compelling argument that this could be the best eBook reader yet.

The Pocket Edition slots into the entry level position in the new Sony range. The lightweight, elegant design, it weighs only 220g, fits easily in to your day and comes in a choice of new colors. Take it along with you where ever you go and you can take along a large selection of your books, The Pocket has an on board 512mb memory, more than enough to satisfy your immediate reading needs.

The unlit, 125mm, eInk Vizplex display give a flicker free, easy to read text rendering readable even in the strongest daylight and at just about any angle. The battery life is robust and can return from a single four hour charge, done via the supplied USB 2.0 cable, or two hour charge from a UK – continental AC adaptor which is optional, a staggering 6800 page turns or around fourteen days use.

The supplied eBook library software, that can be used on the PC or Mac, makes the job of downloading, managing your ebooks and transferring content a cinch. You now have so much more to choose from, Sony must have listened to the eBook reader reviews because gone has the support for only their unpopular proprietary file format and in it’s place you now have the formats that will allow you that extended choice.

Buy, download for free or even borrow titles, best sellers, classics, public domain works, the choice is yours, and never before have you had such a vast choice. You can now get your content from any source, not just the Sony Store, though with the price reductions that have taken place store wide you may want to. This is all made possible by Sony’s inclusion of additional open source file formats, one in particular that is fast becoming the industry standard.

The Pocket can handle PDF, ePub, various popular text formats including RTF and BBeB, very much allowing you to read anything published on the web. Which leads us nicely in to the ability this e-books reader has to add book marks, automatically find your last page, search and bring up content based on title, date or author, then choose one of three pre loaded text sizes.

The fuss free, easy to use controls allow you to navigate through the book you are reading, fast forward, turn the pages and scroll down the page you are reading, simply.

The Sony comes supplied with a carry pouch but there is a full range of protective covers that will keep your new e-books reader looking good. Other accessories include an AC adaptor, in car charger and a cover that includes a light for night time reading so you can personalize your reader.

And this e-books reader has found many friends on the eBook reader reviews with it’s no nonsense price of $199 though even better value can be found on some sites. No it does not have wireless but, as an out and out e-books reader, this Sony could be the one that finally takes these devices to the masses. Something that, in my eyes anyway, makes the Pocket Edition the best eBook reader yet!


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