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Single cup coffee machines have entered the global market with force, but some technology and invention experts warn consumers. Who are the leading single cup coffee machines, and what makes them so different.

After several months of testing, California tech experts awarded the Tassimo T65 the award for the best single cup coffee machines.

What made Tassimo T65 stound out from the rest?

Snippets from report:

With the Tassimo T Disc and coffee system you can make drink after drink, with no mess, no fuss.

It's really an amazing system, that can make real espressos, latte & real milk-based cappuccinos time after time. The Tassimo system is not just a sinlge cup coffee machines, it's a breakthrough in technology.

What makes the Tassimo so different

1. TDiscs

When you insert the T Discs into the coffee machines, the bar code printed on the label will adjust your system; automatically calculate the correct water needed, brewing time, and temperature for the perfect beverage time after time.

All the brewing happens within the T Disc using a unique inverse flow. Your beverage purses directly from T Disc into the cup so you can prepare different drinks.

The Disc contains the exact measured amount of tea, coffee, chocolate or concentrated milk, and is sealed to protect the precious flavors

2. Premium Coffee

Highest quality morning coffees are made from the highest quality premium coffee beans, to ensure a smooth rich taste every time.

Available brands:

• Gevalia Kaffe
• Maxwell
• Kenco
• Starbucks
• Jacobs
• Carte Noire
Mastro Lorenzo


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