Self Prostate Massage Orgasm – Easy How to Instructions

Looking to achieve a very strong and intense prostate orgasm from a self prostate massage? Many men are starting to learn about this type of orgasm which is much different and in many cases, much better than what they are used to.

A prostate massage is often used by medical practitioners around the world to treat the painful symptoms of excess seminal fluid build up in males with a variety of prostate problems and disorders. In addition to better health, this type of massage and stimulation can produce a very intense type of orgasm for pleasure in all men-regardless of age, sexual orientation or sexual experience.

There are two basic ways to achieve this type of orgasm by yourself. You can use the manual method which involves inserting your finger in your anus to stimulate the prostate through the rectum wall. You can actually never touch the male gland directly, however the tissue separating the rectum wall and your prostate is very thin and with the proper techniques, you can quite effectively achieve this type of stimulation this way.

You other choice would be to purchase a prostate massager. This can be an effective option if you are not interested in the manual method but still want to be able to have this type of experience.

You can learn the basics of this pleasurable and prostate healthy activity very easily and with a good degree of safety if you practice proper techniques.

To start, it is very important to be to relax your anal sphincter muscles so you are able to allow your finger or prostate massager far enough into your anus as to be able to stimulate your prostate. A good quality lubricant is crucial to success and things go best if you lubricate your finger several times during the massage.

The sensations of a prostate orgasm can be quite intense and different than a typical male orgasm, and this is part of the reason for the popularity of men taking part in this activity in much greater numbers than ever before.


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