Review of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – the basics:

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing, also known as FHTM, is a network marketing company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Its founder Paul Orberson has always maintained its debt-free status. FHTM markets products & services that people already utilize. Products like satellite television, nutritional supplements, air travel, skin care, cell phone plans, and others.

Many entrepreneurs do not know who Paul Orberson really is.

Paul Orberson claimed the status of top money-earner for Excel Communications in the late nineties. Paul is widely known as a former Excel representative who earned as much as one-million dollars per month.

The Truth About Fortune Hi Tech Marketing

To earn the enrollment fee back after signing up as a representative, a new rep must enroll three new representatives. The first milestone as a representative is obtaining to regional status, which includes an organization of twelve representatives. As with many networking companies, FHTM begins training by teaching its representatives to introduce the business to friends and family. Some marketers point to the stair-step breakaway payment plan as a red-flag. In other words, if someone below you starts to do better, they are "break-away" … meaning you must continue to recruit.

Is Fortune Hi Tech a great opportunity to enroll in?

The answer is really up to you. The leadership of FHTM, with Todd Rowland, Joel McNinch, Bob Decant, and top earner Ruel Morton to name a few, is powerful. Great public speakers like JoAnne McMahon are also good to learn from. Things to be cautious of would be believing that recruiting three people paves the road ahead. Three people is far from enough recruitment for any business.

What does Fortune Hi Tech Marketing training provide?

Important question here. For those who do not want to talk to their circle of influence, FHTM encourages buying phone leads as well. Buying phone leads may seem daunting at first despite giving you the opportunity to talk to many more people. Keep in mind, although 3-way calling an up-line leader gives third-party validation … it can also indirectly mean the new representative may not be viewed as a real leader.

How legitimate is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing?

Products & services people already use mean a bit easier selling … so … In that light, the company is correct that you may as well earn money from stuff you are already doing. Maintainual residual profits require three customer points; but higher levels of leadership require more. Indeed, the company Lexus incentive provides a great long-term goal for the new rep.

What is the Key to a Profitable Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Empire?

Even with easier products & services to market, recruitment is key. Any big recruiter understands the requirement of qualified leads as potential representatives. A successful Fortune Hi Tech Representative always has more leads than she has time. And what happens when you are talking to a lot of prospects without recruiting? It is time … to understand why people take action to join any business.


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