Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Redmax Leaf Blower – 3 Quick Facts That Homeowners Need to Know About Redmax Leaf Blower

With so many low quality products available in the market right now, it is critical that you do your research about the product and its company. A vital information that you need to know is whether the company is reliable or not. One reliable company you can trust is Redmax. They endeavor to engineer only superior and commercially graduated outdoor power equipments, including the Redmax leaf blower. This company is known for supplying equipments that offer professional landscaping results.

Environmentally Friendly Equipments

All the equipments of this company aim to lessen their impact on the environment. These equipments are incorporated with Strato Charged 2 stroke engine, the world's first environmental friendly engine. This patented high performance engine technology generates 15% to 20% more horsepower while consuming less fuel than typical 4 stroke engine. Despite the small size of this engine technology, it can still emit fewer emissions at the same time generate greater fuel efficiency.

Fully Functional Features

The blowers of this company are built for high efficiency. They are state of the art equipments that are packed with high standard features. They are also engineered and made with only commercially grown components that are built to last. The engines of the backpack units have large 2 stage air filters and include the clean combustion engine technology. These units also have wide sweep elbow rotation for greater mobility and movement.

Ergonomic High Performance Durable Machine

Both the handheld and backpack leaf blowers of this company have high efficiency, superb power and yet easy to operate feature. The backpack units are incorporated with variable speed cruise control and are engineered for comfort. Generally, the machines include shoulder padded straps and cushioned back pad. On the other hand, the handheld units are light in weight and are extremely well balanced for ease of hold.


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