R4Tech by Firestone

R4Tech by Firestone is a new technological advancement for truck suspensions. The R4Tech is a hybrid system that combines a traditional leaf spring suspension with an adjustable air spring suspension. The ride becomes better as the air spring adjusts when riding with heavy to light truck loads. This unique suspension combination creates a much smoother ride for light trucks under all load conditions. The improvements in handling also help reduce the wear and tear on the truck.

Handling is another factor that gets improved when using the R4Tech by Firestone. The weight of the load becomes balanced evenly even the adjustment capacity of the air spring system. There is less steel and therefore less weight, so the mileage on the vehicle is also improved. Handling while loading is improved because you can lower the truck bed for loading and unloading cargo or hooking up trailers or 5th Wheel RVs.

Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC and co-developer SANLUIS Rassini recently were honored for their contributions to the suspension arena of products, for this joint development effort. They received the Editor's Choice Award for 2008 from Popular Mechanics at the SEMA Show. The award is given to developers of products that are innovative, and that are demonstrative of top quality new design and engineering. Firestone is the exclusive distributor for the R4Tech, where they insist that professional installation of this aftermarket product is necessary; although it is said to be easy to install.

The system includes the Rassini leaf spring foundation suspension combined with the Firestone Airide air spring and compressor control system. This combination offers the best of both systems, which work together for an improved ride, handling, and suspension and for the economy of better mileage from smoother control. This system allows for a more comfortable ride for passengers, and more protection from rough roads for cargo loads and trailers. With your cargo riding more smoothly, truck efficiency and mileage become better, so costing you less in the long run.

Firestone brings its 65 years of spring development together with the world leading SANLUIS Rassini, and with it's leaf spring design and manufacturing experience, it was a successful new product. Air spring suspension has been used widly for the big trucks, and now R4Tech by Firestone brings air spring suspension benefits to light trucks.


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