Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Properly Clean Your Computer Screen

A computer screen is like a magnet for dust and dirt yet many of use neglect to clean them on a regular basis. Manymore, many of us do not know how to clean our computer screens correctly and so we risk causing irreversible damage to it each time we attempt to clean it.

As mistakes with computer screen cleaning are so common and expensive to rectify I will highlight what not to do when cleaning your computer screen first, before describing the correct process:

  1. Never spray any liquid directly onto your screen.
  2. Never use tap water for cleaning a screen.
  3. Never use paper tissue / paper towels to clean your screen.
  4. Never attempt to clean your screen while it is turned on.
  5. Never use water or detergent for cleaning your screen.
  6. Never apply any direct pressure to your screen.

The most important area of ​​cleaning the screen is actually the items you use for the process. Screen wipes are convenient and cheap to buy but best of all they are specifically designed for computer screens and so they represent the safest device to use for cleaning. If you do not have any computer screen wipes then you must ensure to use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution containing only distilled water and an isopropyl alcohol solution. Once you have identified what you intend to use you can now clean your computer screen by following the correct process:

  1. Turn off your computer screen and disconnect it from the main computer unit.
  2. Wait until the screen has cooled down completely before starting to clean it.
  3. Gently wipe the screen from top to bottom moving from left to right going over each area just once. Once you reach the right hand side of the screen, repeat the process going from left to right. Once you reach the left hand side the computer screen should be completely clean and there should be no need to go over any additional areas of the screen. Be careful not to apply any excess pressure as you clean the screen.
  4. Wait a few minutes until the screen is completely dry before reconnecting it the main computer unit and turning it on.

Your screen should now be completely dust and dirt free and you should notice it looks brighter, text is easier to read and pictures or movies appear sharper. You should repeat the process once a week to ensure it is well maintained and operates at full capacity.


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