Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Podcast: AVL testing technology in F1 and beyond – autosport.com

The latest edition of The Autosport Podcast sheds some light on the remarkable test technology used to enhance cars in Formula 1 and the rest of motorsport, in association with AVL.

Michael Resl, director motorsports, and Matthias Dank, global business segment manager Racing, join us from Austrian company AVL, to discuss the remarkable vehicle and brake testing technologies it uses to help its customers.

This is part of a wide-ranging discussion not just about the technologies, but also about how a company like AVL sets it up to provide vital services for teams in grand prix racing and beyond.

The potential impact of the new 2021 Formula 1 regulations is also delved into, with AVL revealing how it must conducted its own development programmes to ensure it’s ready to do the job that teams might require of it in the future.

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