Performance Review Examples – A Technical Writer

Tired of looking through pages and pages of performance review examples in the Web and you still do not know how to write up your own? Try this review example for a technical writer – there's a short explanation for the example at the end.

English language proficiency (grammar, structure, syntax and semantics): 8 of 10. Writer is fluent in using the English language in all his articles. Needs only further training for advanced grammar like compound sentences.

Writing style and technique (voice, person, structure and organization): 9 of 10. Writer can write well in first-, second-, and third-person. He can "carry-on" a certain voice through an article without deviating from it, or change the mood or feel of an article when instructed to. Writer does not outline his work before he writes, so there are some small organizational flaws.

Technical knowledge and experience (writing about technical topics): 7 of 10. Writer has no real experience in the field he writes in but compensates for that by reading some good material about his topic and his persuasive and impressive style of writing.

Work ethic and workplace behavior (teamwork, attitude, and workplace influence): 9 of 10. Writer works well within his team and easily supervised. Can handle the pressure of deadlines well and boosts the morale of his team through his sociable manner and enthusiasm approach to his work. Direct superiors only ask that he volunteer more often.

If you noticed, in each of these items the employee's strengths and weaknesses were mentioned. The strengths can be maintained and the identified weaknesses can then pinpoint his areas of opportunities so he can work on them. The scale of 1 to 10 also helps in that using such a scale can help measure the employee's output and that means you can measure each and every employees' output and set numerical goals for them to reach.


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