Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Opelousas General using the latest mammogram technology – KLFY

SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – Opelousas General Health is on the front lines of the latest breast cancer detection innovations. They’re not only using 3-D technology, but they’re making sure women are comfortable during the procedure.

Opelousas General Health Imaging in Sunset is using 3-D digital mammography and patient breast compression. 

“This is how we used to read and lot of people still read this way. But you can as the technology gets better we’re going to start picking up and detecting smaller cancers,” said Dr. Richard Lastrapes, a radiologist at OGH.

The 3-D mammography machine takes multiple photos of a woman’s breast. The 2-D machines only take four. 

“The difference is this part above the patient’s head is moving. In the past it would just take one straight picture. Now this top part actually moves and it takes nine pictures across the breast each time,” said mammographer Amber Dardeau.

These photos are then broken up into 200 “slices” allowing Radiologist Dr. Richard Lastrapes to scroll through the different layers of the breast. 

“This is a case of spiculation in the mass in the center that we can see and we can see it so much better in so much more detail,” Dr. Lastrapes said.

Dardeau says they’re also paving the way for patient comfort too, allowing the woman to control the amount of compression. 

“The patients can use this remote to a compress their breasts themselves. We do have to compress to a minimum before it allows them to use it, but they are able to press this button here to compress as tight as they like and even back up a little if they feel like they’ve gone too tight,” Dardeau said.

Because about one in eight people in the U.S. will develop breast cancer, OGH says they are taking breast health in Acadiana seriously.

OGH Imaging states they are the only ones in Louisiana to have patient-assisted compression. They also say they are currently the only ones in the state using along with the 3-D technology. 


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