Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Nook Electronic Book Reader – Review

Nook from Barnes and Noble reads books, newspapers and magazines. The Nook reader has two screens. The larger 6 "screen is for reading your books and the second smaller 3.5" touch-screen is for navigation through your book and surfing the web.

Today's electronic reading devices use e-ink display technology. Electronic ink displays (or e-ink display) look more like a printed page than any other technology and they do not consume a lot of power. However, they are very slow to change from image to image – a typical LCD monitor updates its screen 60 times per second, while a fast e-ink display does so once per second. In addition, electronic ink displays do not show color and do not have back-light. That means e-ink displays are very slow to navigate. The Nook reader solved the problem of the slowness of e-ink displays by including a small, fast, touch-sensitive color screen below the main, 6-inch e-ink display – main 6-inch e-ink display shows the text of a book and the small display offers navigation options such as switching to another book or magazine. When not navigating books, the small touch-screen goes dark to let readers focus on the content and to save battery power.

The Nook reading device runs Android, Google's operating system written for mobile devices. Android is a favorite operating system of mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and HTC because it is open source and can be easily customized.

Many people like walking into a bookstore, sitting there with a cup of coffee and browsing. The Nook book reader lets you do same thing. It takes advantage- of Barnes & Noble's physical store and lets users read entire books for free in-store. None of the Nook's store-less competitors will be able to offer that for a long time.

You can give or lend your regular print books to your friend or family. None of electronic reading devices has not offered that to customers and some readers even have locked down books and made it impossible for users to lend books that they have bought. Nook reader has LendMe feature – Nook users can loan books to friends for two weeks. Lending the book through Nook makes it unavailable to the original owner during those two weeks, but at the end of the two weeks, the book is again available to its owner.

Nook reader has built-in MP3 player and a headphone jack, which works for playing music while you read, or for playing audio-books. You can load the Nook reader with books, PDF files, images and MP3 files.


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