Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

New technology inspires learning at Medina County District Library – cleveland.com

MEDINA, Ohio — Patrons at the Medina County District Library now have new, interactive options to expand their knowledge.

The district’s main library at 210 S. Broadway St. has expanded its Tools and Tech collection with the addition of 16 items.

“The Tools and Tech collection came about after we began to get more frequent questions like ‘Do you have a projector I could check out to show photos at my family reunion?’ and ‘I saw that another library lends binoculars; do you?’” said Chris Weaver-Pieh, collection resources manager.

“It seemed like members were looking for more non-traditional options when checking out materials from us.”

Weaver-Pieh said the recent ongoing renovation of the library’s second floor and continuing creation of a maker space have established a dedicated area for technology.

According to the Urban Libraries Council, maker spaces, common in libraries across the country, are collaborative workspaces that encourage patrons to create and learn new skills.

In the past couple of years, the Medina Country District Library has added memory-care kits for those with memory challenges, Launchpad tablets, discovery bags for children and book club bags.

The new gadgets, which debuted in June, complement reading materials and provide interactive learning experiences to answer questions such as:

• What’s hiding in your back yard? (metal detector)

• What will you share at your next meeting or family reunion? (HDMI projector)

• Is there radon lurking in your home? (radon detector)

• Do you need a laptop to take on-the-go? (Acer Chromebook)

• How drafty are your doors and windows? (thermal leak detector)

• Do you have a song or podcast inside of you? (USB microphone)

• What is your Check Engine Light telling you? (car engine fault code reader)

• Do you have the urge to make some music? (soprano ukulele)

• What adventures will you record? (digital action camera)

• Is your blood pressure at a safe level? (blood pressure monitor)

• Want to scan text into a document or have it read aloud to you? (digital scanner pen)

• Where will you go without leaving your house? (Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset)

• Are your appliances or devices wasting electricity? (Kill A Watt electricity usage monitor)

• Want to hang that mirror or picture securely? (stud finder)

• Which birds are out in your garden or trees? (binoculars)

• What’s going on in the sky tonight? (portable telescope)

“The Tools and Tech display features books to go with each item. For example, ‘Birds of North America’ for someone who checks out the binoculars, or ‘Guide to the Night Sky’ for use with our telescope,” Weaver-Pieh explained.

The tools creating the most buzz so far have been the metal detector and radon detectors, she said.

Each tool and tech item can be checked out for 14 days. There is a limit of one item per library card, and the item cannot be renewed or reserved in advance.

To learn more about the new technology offerings, go to mcdl.info/ToolsTech or mcdl.info/Studio.

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