NanoTech EeFuel Review – Does This Fuel Enhancer Work?

Like me, you are probably sick and tired of $ 4.00 / gallon gas prices. I'm probably worse off, since my BMW only takes premium, and that that 20-40 cents more expensive per gallon! When I first heard about NanoTech eeFuel, I was a little leery about putting it into my precious high-performance vehicle … and when it claimed that I could use REGULAR octane gasoline in conjuction with eeFuel, I was definitely hesitant.

But I did some research, and it appeared to be a proven and tested product, and I also saw that there were other fuel enhancers that let you use regular instead of premium. eeFuel's big appeal is that it is an environmentally-friendly fuel enhancer that reduces emissions by 50%, transforms regular gasoline into high-performance, reduces need for engine maintenance, and increases gas mileage by an average of 18%.

Or so the studies claim … but we all know that studies say whatever the organization who hired the consultants tell them to say. Nonetheless, I decided to go with my gut and try out this NanoTech eeFuel.

A week later my eeFuel arrived in the mail. I had purchased two bottles as part of a pre-launch promotion. I was astonished at how tiny the bottles are! I mean, they look like the size of a beer bottle in the picture.

But in reality, you could fit the bottle in your pocket! Not that you've wanted to, since it is filled with fuel additive … but anyway, this tiny little bottle actually contains TEN applications. The bottle is 120 mL, and you mix 12 mL per 15 gallons of gasoline. It also comes with a helpful 'scoresheet' for tracking your gas mileage before and after each usage … that way you can see right away how much you are saving.

Last Tuesday I filled up at the pump, with REGULAR octane gas. The difference between regular and premium was 30 cents per gallon.

15 gallon tank x .30 per gallon = $ 4.5 in savings per gas-up. Well, that may not be a lot of money by itself. But, consider that there are 10 usages per bottle of eeFuel, and it only costs $ 27 for a bottle, and you are going to save $ 45 just in the difference between fuel types.

Assuming that your vehicle normally takes premium, that is. So anyway, the eeFuel bottle kind of measures itself for how much you need to dispense, and you just insert it into your fuel tank just like the gas nozzle. You want to put the eeFuel in first, then gas up, so that it will mix best.

As I was driving along afterwards, I was not really sure what to expect. If I heard bumping or scraping, then I would know that my engine did not like the regular octane and that the eeFuel was not really converting it into high-performance fuel.

But I did not … in fact, my BMW was actually driving even MORE smoothly than before !! It's been a week since, and the car has just continued to drive great. So it seems that NanoTech eeFuel lives up to that part of its claim!

But what about the gas mileage? Well, normally my vehicle gets 28 miles to the gallon. When I went through 2 gallons, according to the gas gauge, I checked the odomoter … and I had traveled 70 miles since I filled up at the tank!

That's 35 miles per gallon, an increase of 7 mpg, or 25% !! That's even better than the 18% eeFuel had claimed as the average. So if my fuel efficiency INCREASED by 25%, that is the same as if gas prices had DECREASED by 25% … so paying $ 4.00 per gallon for gas gets me 25% more, so it's actually like I'm paying $ 3.00 per gallon for gas !!

consider that this gas purchase was a business expense, a product test that is ordinary and reasonable in the course of determining whether or not NanoTech eeFuel is a good product to add to my business. So shave off 30% as a tax-deductible expense, and that tank of gas had a net cost to me of $ 2.10 per gallon, or $ 31.5.

Not bad !!

All in all, I am very pleased and impressed with the eeFuel's performance. It has improved the performance of my vehicle, let me save 30 cents per gallon by purchasing lower octane gas, AND improved my gas mileage by 25%. Considering that the cost of eeFuel is just $ 2.70 per tank of gas, I think this is a damn good product!


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