MicroShield Plus For IPod Classic Tech Review

Despite the fact that the cost of most, if not all consumer electronic devices have fallen dramatically over the past two decades, at prices ranging from £ 90 – £ 250 (depending on model), an iPod still represents a basic investment. It therefore makes a great deal of sense to protect that investment with a MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic.

The fact is that the iPod's sensitive controls are easily damaged by dirt and other contaminants; the screen is also sentenced to scratching if not handled properly.

The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic is a virtual "suit of armour" for your device – a clear, form-fitting case designed to provide protection from scanning and dust while allowing the user to easily access all functions as well as switches and jacks.

The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic functions not only as a protector but as a handy storage device that easily attaches to one's belt, as well as a "kickstand" that allows one to place the iPod in an upright position for viewing films and other video media .

This protective case for the iPod is made from a highly durable polycarbonate material that is both unbreakable and scratch resistant. Polycarbonate is a form of plastic that is also used in bullet-resistant automotive glass; it offers exceptional strength and impact resistance, yet is crystal clear (and in fact is employed in the manufacture of many types of eyewear lenses). In fact, this type of polycarbonate offers greater transparency than glass.

The MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic comes with not one, but two interchangeable rear panels, allowing it to accept either the iPod Classic or the more advanced 160 GB version.

At around £ 10 – £ 15, the MicroShield Plus for iPod Classic is a sensible and cost-effective way to protect your valuable device. Those who own other iPod models will find many different MicroShield protectors as well, all of which are priced in the same easy-to-range range, some of which include a separate wheel cover for those iPod models that have such a control.

In addition to the MicroShield Plus , one might consider a stylish leather sleeve for the iPod, as well as many other iPod accessories that can greatly add to the functionality of this versatile device. There is a wide variety of such accessories that provide not only protection for the iPod, but allows one to interface it with other devices such as a personal computer, a digital television and even a home stereo system!


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