Logitech Quickcam For Mac – The Best Prices and Easy to Install

Loading my Logitech Quickcam for Mac was easy and really did not require me to have much computer tech know how. Thanks to the technology of this computer accessory it did not involve me to load any software. The Logitech Quickcam for Mac has a built in UVC driver and uses a standard USB connection. I want to share with you why and where I end up buying my webcam for the best price and we can get to that later in this article.

I am not a webcam expert and only learned about this camera from a friend who had wanted to sell her Logitech 9000 pro and was looking for an additional webcam to get for her son who was going off to college. She mentioned that the 9000 pro was great but gave her some minor problems like the focus and the lighting. Unlike the 9000 procam the Logitech quickcam for Mac had these features built in. I had mentioned I was looking for a computer camera. Before committing, I went home to research the Logitech webcams that were available online.

I was kind of eager to get the camera because my sister had just moved away and I wanted to connect with her on Skype.

After reading many reviews on a variety of Logitech webcam's and searching for prices that I could afford, I found that the Logitech quickcam for Mac was going to be my camera of choice. Although I did not have a Mac, I found reviews stating that the webcam was not just compatible for Mac and that the set up with Windows and Window's XP could have done just as easy.

The Logitech quickcam for Mac lets me take still shots and has excellent sound with a built in mic. It gives me nice clear images because of it's built in auto focus and auto lighting or exposure. The frame rate is 30 fps at 640×480, it is fast and slick. Best of all I was able to have this baby up and running in a matter of seconds after I received it.

I am glad I did an online research and actually If I would have bought the camera from her, I would have been paying for her shipping and handling fees.


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