Lib Tech Snowboards Review

Many say that this company is the up and coming competition to Burton. Some even say to look no further than Lib Tech Snowboards period. I wanted to take the time to review the lib tech magne traction snowboard that was released fall of 2008. What some may not know is that ever Lib Tech is handbuilt in the United States of America.

The company does its best to feature the latest technology on the market Some know this as Banana Technology and MTX or magne traction technology – designed to make your snowboarding experience as responsive to the boarder as possible. In riding this board I noticed a great deal of response in the edge. This new technology allows for the edge to sharpen as it cuts into the ice and turn the ice into a powder.

In fact the pro rider Travis Rice's pro model and Totally Ripper Design are the models that are said to do this the best. I have to agree that the edge is unique to lib tech and the edge does provide that extra sense of control. There is the Jamie Lynn Phoenix model which I have not hidden so I can not review it here.

Bottom line is that this technology is opening the way for more advanced boards and it will provide the bedrock on which all new board tech will build. Try out a board and give us a shout at ezine. If you have more questions about this technology just go ahead try the famous wiki site and see what you come up with. That is always a good resource too.


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