Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Latest Muscletech Releases – All New Cryotest & Vitakic Supplements

Supplementation has been on the rise in the world, especially within the two most popular categories of weight loss and more recently muscle and strength gain. Packing on muscle and adding strength and power in many cases is what most males seek when they start with a weight training program or first enter their local gym for the first time. Everyone wants a boost with their results, and many assum a pill will do the trick. This in 99.9% of the time will not do the trick and many quit soon after. Supplementation; however, can be quite effective for those willing to put in the time and effort to make them work with the addition of a daily commitment to a parallel training or fitness regime and healthy nutritional plan. That being said, there are hundreds, if not thousands of supplement products out there fighting for your attention, and in many cases many brands fall short of providing products that provide and reasonable results.

Muscletech has been a strong leader in the sports supplement industry going way back to the early to mid 90's. This is a company that is known for breaking new ground and producing supplements that take your results to the next hardcore level. Not always the cheapest products on the market, they more than make up for this fact by producing products that produce the aid you require to meet all of your health and fitness needs. Two such new items to break ground once again are the all new Cryotest and Anabolic Vitakic !

Cryotest claims to be the worlds most hardcore anabolic testosterone amplifier, essentially making it the most advanced legal testosterone supplement available today. What does this mean to the average bodybuilder? Well with the increase of testosterone levels to the true maximum physiological levels, this testosterone is driven directly into muscle cells. More testosterone means the ability to add more lean muscle mass at a much increased pace! More muscles, more strength and more recovery so you can train harder and longer than without Cryotest. Directions carefully warn consumers to never exceed recommended dosages, which are 1 serving with water two times daily. Cryotest looks to be another leading success in the hardcore sports supplements category and will certainly helps many reaching their goals.

Another addition this fall to the Muscletech line-up is the arrival of Anabolic Vitakic . Vitakic is the first of its kind – a multi-vitamin that actually provides the basic building blocks for creating new muscle mass. Vitakic is an advanced musclebuilding micronutrient multivitamin complex formula with Muscletechs patented nanoparticulation technology. With the addition of over 100 micronutrients, coenzymes, essential vitamins, minerls, antioxidants and amino acids you are sure to be receiving all the key ingredients you require. With this powerful combination, you are sure to build new muscle and increase strength. Supplement with 1 serving of Vitakic once a day with a glass of water for optimum results.

Now please understand that even though these new releases claim to be the world's most advanced enhancements in legal anabolic supplements – they are just that – supplements. Supplements "supplement" your training and nutritional plan to help you reach your goals that need to be in place already. Results come with daily dedication in the gym and through the day with your proper diet and nutrition. Once those two key and most significant aspects are in proper place, then the addition of a supplement such as Cryotest or Vitakic are what quite possibly take your results to the next level. Supplements in many cases enhance and improve results, that is a fact for the majority of consumers; but in the end it is up to you to be committed with all the daily aspects mentioned to reach that very much attainable light at the end of the tunnel.


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