King Koil Mattresses Combine The Latest Technology With Affordable Prices

Mattress reviews reveal that in comparison to other brands, King Koil mattresses are not as popular. They are also cheaper but the quality of beds is not inferior.

The more affordable price tags do not necessarily mean that these beds are cheaply made. In terms of quality, most of these models have more advanced features than any of the more expensive competitors possess.

The King Koil brand has been around since 1898 and is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the United States. Most reviews mention the brand's unique inner spring mattresses. This brand makes the only innerspring mattresses that are approved by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research, a well-respected chiropractic organization.

Memory foam is now being integrated with King Koil mattress sets to create better and more durable beds. Reviewers point out that the brand is one of the few manufacturers that combine the two.

King Koil Mattress Collections
There are three main King Koil collections:
• Perfect Contour
• Spine Support
• Perfect Contour Extraordinaire

Consumers who prefer reasonably priced traditional inner spring mattresses should consider these product lines.

Perfect Contour
King Koil Perfect Contour Collection features three distinct levels with a technology that is considered the latest in the industry.
Features range from premium inner spring support systems to all-foam construction. All the mattresses in this line are designed and manufactured to reduce pressure points.

Inner spring mattresses are the oldest bed style in the market, but can still allow a comfortable sleep experience. Perfect Contour features integrated King Koil memory foam that makes the line more effective than old-style and even modern beds.

The five-zone coil system of these mattresses facilitates additional support. Each coil row is laced to rows with head-to-toe connection wires that help block motion transfer from one sleep partner to another.

Most of the mattress reviews of this brand emphasize excellent edging, which features the memory foam of this brand that extends the total sleeping area.

Spine Support
The King Koil Spine Support Collection uses a three-zone Bonnell inner spring system that comes priced for exceptional value. Some reviews highlight the product line of high-grade steel coils with varied spacing, closely grouped together where needed (hips and shoulders areas). These beds facilitate a perfect combination of comfort and support.

There are up to 420 coils of high-tempered steel. The spring unit is adjoining a 2.5-inch layer of firm poly foam and an additional layer of 2.5-inch memory foam. This product line features a bed mattress that does not need flipping.

King Koil Perfect Contour Extraordinaire
This line is considered the best inner spring mattress from the brand. Mattress reviewers point out that no other mattress in the same price range could surpass Perfect Contour Extraordinaire's quality. This Extraordinaire collection is a step up above most other value priced models. Perfect Contour Extraordinaire makes use of more luxurious materials and fabrics. These sleep sets are a top-of-the-line inner spring mattress collection. What consumers like most about these kinds of mattresses is that the products are priced much lower than other brands with similar features.

The main point of concern regarding the sleep sets are the reports of sagging and premature breakdown of the mattress support systems. Customers have also complained about the handling of warranty claims. Just like other brands, the sets specific conditions for warranty claims. The company aims to extend warranty only to original purchasers. Upon claiming warranty services, the client must present basic requirements like proof of purchase that contains details about acquisition date, retailer, and price.

Whether you prefer to buy beds within the collections Perfect Contour or Spine Support, you could be sure you are buying King Koil beds that are of good quality and employ the newest technologies. What most this mattress reviews highlight is that consumers certainly rave about the reasonable prices. Depending on size and model, King Koil mattresses are priced from $ 600 to $ 3000. Their large selection of models and good prices should allow anyone to select a mattress that will match their individual sleep preferences.


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