Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How to Flawlessly Exchange Business Cards

In any business a good businessman will carry on them their business cards. Many business people know that there is an etiquette in passing on their card to a potential client or partner. In the world of business, it could mean getting the client you seek or getting blown off.

As a general rule, when you meet a person for the first time you may request a business card from that person, provided that you offered your own card first. The exception to this rule is if you are speaking to a person of a significantly higher status. In this case you should wait for that person to offer their own card first. You should not ask for their card. Please bear in mind that a more seasoned businessman is less likely to offered their card or ask for one.

I always carry several cards on me and I keep more in my truck. I deal with marketing so when I talk to people in a crowd I tend to get people who want me to talk to them on how they can better their marketing plan. For this reason I always have cards on me. I also have them so I can give it to people who give me their.

When you hand out your business card you should only hand out one to your contact. Without they ask for more. You should not offer more than one because your contact could and more likely will interpret that you are trying to mass market yourself. You when passing out your business card want to keep the exchange person-to-person.

I recently was doing business with a real-estate agent. After I got done viewing homes she handed me three business cards. I in turn handed her two of them back. She tried to pass them back to me but I told her that i considered it unprofessional. I then explained that if I wanted more I would ask. I ended up not doing any business with her but I did it with the person in the office next to her.

If you follow these rules in this article then you should be able to master exchanging business cards. Keeping the exchange one-on-one is a great method and a preferred method in the business community. Keeping yourself looking professional by using the proper etiquette will greatly increase your chance to become a successful businessman or woman.


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