How Technology Advances Have Changed the Way Americans Work

Technology has changed the long commute for many Americans. In the past, it was necessary to go to an office or a job site in order to have all of the information available to you to get that particular job completed. Now, with so many things from computers, iPhone screen, iPod parts, mobile phones, and office equipment being so portable, many jobs can be done from home or from just about anywhere. Some jobs have also become almost nonexistent because of the technology advances as well, which allows people to just do it on their own. This article will talk about some of the jobs that you could do from anywhere and also the jobs that have fallen by the wayside as the technology advanced.

Anyone who does freelance type of work can do that job done from any location and live wherever they want to live. This would apply to freelance writers who may be able to live way out in the country and communicate with their publishers via fax, phone and email and do their work sitting in a barn if they want to. Other freelance type of jobs would include: photography where they can send their digital prints on the computer or even independent consultants of some type.

Many real estate agents now only have a home office to do most of their work and when it is time to do a closing they go to the head office or the title company to use their conference room. Having to go into an office, for many looks silly especially when they are usually out and about showing properties to clients. With the help of a laptop and a blackberry phone they will be easily accessible and available wherever they are at home or out showing homes. This saves the company money because they do not have to office space for their realtors and it saves the realtors commuting time as well.

Many people in sales also do not feel the need to have an office to do their job and can do it from the comfort of their home. This is especially true for those people that do all of their marketing and selling of items online or by their own website. As long as they have internet access, they are available to communicate with customers and to take orders and answer questions. In fact, some people have a hard time breaking away from their jobs because it has become so easy to do them anywhere. This can usually be seen on vacations where a person is sitting by a resort pool typing away on their laptop or on their blackberry.

One example of a job that has been greatly reduced by technology is a travel agent. Now, many people choose to research and book their own travel plans online without any assistance of a travel agent. The easy access to do this on websites as well as the fees being charged by travel agents has almost wiped out that profession entirely.


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