Monday, 24 Jun 2019

How Newark Valley is fighting fire with the latest technology – WBNG-TV

NEWARK VALLEY (WBNG) — New technology has completely changed the way one local fire department trains for the moments that matter most.

The Newark Valley Fire Department says its new fire simulator gives them real world experience other training methods can’t.

The chief of the department compares the device to a flight simulator, allowing firefighters to practice different techniques in a controlled environment.

He says pieces of new technology such as the fire simulator are the future of fire service training.

“With the live burns, it’s becoming more and more difficult for a department of our size to go to a burn center, whether it be Vestal or Montour Falls at the fire academy,” John Haney said. “This is allowing us to do it in a controlled environment, without any of the risk of having all the real fire, having the instructors and having multiple people to take care of it.”

The chief added he can take the simulated panel anywhere with an outlet, allowing the department to train in places like churches and schools.

The simulator’s total cost was just shy of $25,000. A local grant covered the majority of the price tag.