Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hot Tub Spa Review – Essential Reading

In our modern, high-tech society, everything gets reviewed these days. So, what should be more natural than hot tub spa reviews. No, there is not a magazine that you buy at your local newsstand; These reviews are on web sites. A Jacuzzi represents a sizable monetary investment, for most people. So, they want to thoroughly check out the hot tubs that are available, before making that purchase.

A fast and easy way of getting a look at a hot tub spa review is the Internet. Log on, and go to any of the fine search engines. Something like Yahoo or Google will do. Type in: "hot tub spa review" and you will be presented with a long list of websites that cover what you are looking for. And, one of the best features of these reviews is that they are usually submitted by actual owners. It is one thing for some consumer report magazine or company to evaluate spas and Jacuzzi's, but is that the kind of review you want to read?

It is far more valuable to hear from actual owners. So, these people take time out of their schedule to post a review of their spa. Often, the web sites will have a menu that allows you to click on reviews based on the manufacturer and model of the Jacuzzi you are looking for. Also, most review web sites will have links to the web sites of the various manufacturers. That way, if you are not really all that familiar with a brand and / or model, you can go have a look at it.

Now, these hot tub spa reviews do have their limits. Remember, they are only the opinions of the writers. So, as the saying goes, take them "with a grain of salt". Or, if at all possible, read several reviews of the same model – or at least of the same manufacturer. That way, if you see a recurring element to the review: a problem that a particular manufacturer seems to always have, it can be a warning to stay away from them.

Most of the hot tub spa review sites ask people to cover a number of things. So, you can expect a review to give you the basics on the spa: maker, model, and year. Then there will be things like: how long they owned the spa, what sort of accessories they got with it, and anything they wish they had gotten? Then there will be the big questions: what do they like or hate about it? Are there features that are not really needed on the spa? Or, conversely, are there features that it should have? And then there are the maintenance and warranty issues. How easy is the spa to maintain? If you had any problems with it, did the manufacturer resolve them in a timely and reasonable fashion?

So, when you are considering making the investment of getting a hot tub; think carefully. Reading a few hot tub spa reviews to get a handle on what is out there, makes sense.


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