Honda Civic 2.0i VTEC Type R Hatch Review

The Japanese version of the Civic was sold as a 4-door Sedan which generates 222bhp at 8400RPM. This is more powerful than the European version, which generates 198bhp at 7,800RPM. The external features of the 3-Door hatchback have changed some since 2001, with a slightly less 'sporty' look and more of a 'Honda space age' look. However – under the bonnet the 2litre VTEC engine is the same (tweaked) engine as was in the previous generation, which is not a bad thing ..

Although the new version is heavier its still lightning quick for its class, with a 0-62mph time of 6.6 seconds. The top speed has not changed and remains at 146MPH. Honda has changed the double wishbone set-up in the rear suspension to a torsion bar suspension, they claim it makes the new civic type R more rigid than before.

The Vehicle Stability Assist on the Civic has been tweaked a little extra, which gives the driver more control .. and extremely more fun! Fuel economics will unduly be high for those of you who push it until the pistons fly through the bonnet. Expect around 30-40mpg.

As mentioned before, the weight of the car has increased. This is due to the fact that Honda has added more features, making it more of a drivers car. The features include dual climate control, drilled aluminum pedals & footrest, an alloy gear knob for the new 6 speed gearbox, leather steering wheel, auto wipers & lights and optional sat nav.

Unfortunately this time around Honda has taken a step back – they may have introduced new gadgets and features, but nothing new in terms of pure performance comes out of this vehicle.


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