Hi-Tech Brings Many Types of Memory Cards & Memory Sticks

Some of the more common devices that will use memory sticks are digital cameras (where you will often hear a sales rep call it digital camera memory) game consoles, mobile phones, and industrial applications. There are also external hard drives that look more like memory cards that you may realize. As technology grows, we all know the rule – size decreases. You can hear such terms as SDHC memory cards, or M2 memory cards. There's even Micro-SD Memory Cards.

They all serve a very important purpose which can not be overlooked. They keep up digital. They often keep us mobile. They definitely save space on our desk!

You may have heard of the PC card (also known as PCMCIA). These memory cards were among the first commercial memory card formats. They were released in the 1990s, but are now only primarily used in industrial applications and for I / O jobs.

That was followed by the beginning of the memory card evolution, and each one smaller than the first PC Card to come out.

And of course we all have heard of the sim card. That's the memory card you see in your cell phone. Now we are talking a size that will impress most humans!

There continued to be a host of new formats throughout the 2000s including SD / MMC, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, and a number of variants and smaller cards. The never-ending desire for ultra-small and then ultra-smaller still cards for cell-phones, PDAs, and compact digital cameras took us to the smaller cards that left the previous generation of "compact" cards looking rather gargantuan!

Things have progressed quite nicely as well. These days, it is really hard to find a new PC or printer that does not have built-in slots for a variety of memory cards. These days you hear such phrases as M2 memory cards, Micro-SD Memory cards, SDHC memory cards. And it all means something to the consumer!

Now digital cameras and even some PDAs will support more than one memory card to ensure compatibility. It is a never-ending world of memory cards and memory sticks. You just gotta know that to be on the go, you'll be wanting devices that uses one or the other. It will be either a memory card or a memory stick. Just show the sales man what you have and he'll help you with the alphabet soup of it all.


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