Hemi Sync Review – Learn the Pros & Cons

The Hemi Sync audio CD’s are extremely well known in the brainwave entrainment world. They offer a large range of binaural beat recordings that use their own patented Hemi Sync technology that has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective.

Hemi Sync is part of the Monroe Institute which was one of the first research institutes binaural beats. There are a few different pros and cons that one should be aware of if you are considering trying their products.

What do they Offer?

Hemi Sync offers a wide variety of binaural beats CD’s. They vary in length but on average they are around fifty minutes. They offer a 100% guarantee and their prices start around $10.00 and go up.

Their technology uses multilayered audio signals that work directly with the brainwaves in order to create all sorts of specific states of consciousness.

Pro Hemi-Sync

There is a reason that this company has been so popular… there are lots of positive benefits including:

  • Their selection is very large. There is a recording that will appeal to most anyone and fit most people’s needs.
  • They offer quite a bit of scientific data to back up the quality and effectiveness of their products. They have done the research and the testing and it is all there for us to read which helps to build trust.
  • They happen to be one of the original brainwave entrainment pioneers. They have been studying this field for quite some time and have many brilliant people working on their team. They are here for the long run and likely their products will just keep getting better.

Against Hemi-Sync

  • Their recordings only use binaural beats. Although they have proven to be very effective there is newer technology available today such as monaural beats and isochronic tones that have proven to be even more effective as well as to work faster.
  • Their recordings are all on CD’s and can not be downloaded in MP3 format as some other companies offer.

Common results with the Hemi Sync CD’s are:

As mentioned above they have a wide variety of audios and each one is tuned to a different frequency to create a specific desired response. Some common results however are:

  • Deep meditative states
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Sharper focus and concentration
  • More creativity
  • Deeper and easier sleep

Final Thoughts…

There are a lot of different brainwave entrainment companies out there and more and more are showing up every day. Whether you choose to try Hemi Sync or another product the thing to remember is to only use original, raw recordings.

Some companies will offer stock recordings which tend to really lack in quality. Hemi Sync is good… I believe there are others that are better, but you can’t go wrong with their low cost CD’s as you can count on their good quality.


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