Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Gas stations using new technology to crack down on card skimmers – ActionNewsJax.com


Retailers are finding new ways to combat card skimmers at gas pumps. 

Gate Gas Station, which is headquartered in Jacksonville, upgraded all pumps with new alarm systems in the last year.

Now, if anyone tries to open the door to install a skimmer, the pump shut offs and an alarm sounds.

Paige Murray said her card has been skimmed twice in the last year. 

“It’s an extreme inconvenience for this to continue to happen,” Murray said.

She said it’s always in the back of her mind when she pulls up to the pump. 

“I always try to pull up where people can see from the inside,” Murray said. “I try to look to see if it’s been tampered with.”

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Action News Jax contacted to several other gas stations to find out what the retailers are doing to protect your personal information. 

A spokesperson for RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. said in a statement, “Data theft is pervasive, and, like retailers everywhere, we are continually working with financial institutions, credit card companies and law enforcement to evaluate and update our security measures to keep guests protected.”

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Racetrac said it implemented proprietary procedures to detect and deter skimming activity, including investing in the highest forms of security that are provided by pump manufacturers.

BP told Action News Jax it works very closely with independent marketers and banking partners on fraud-related issues.

In a statement, a BP spokesperson said, “BP’s fraud prevention program includes looking at preventative measures related to identifying and preventing skimming device use.  BP shares best practices related to fraud prevention and has implemented several programs to help our marketers reduce fraud related incidents.”


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