Gakic by Muscletech Review – Is it a Viable Muscle Building Supplement?

Weightlifting is a great way to exercise, look good for yourself, and build confidence. After all, I have been doing it for many years. Let's be honest, we all to be accredited for all of our hard work. Like many people that participate in weightlifting, we are usually looking for a dietary supplement that will make life a little easier towards achieving our goal, whatever it may be.

Many people who are avid about weightlifting are fairly familiar with Muscletech, who have sold some pretty effective supplements in the past. MuscleTech is a brand of sports nutrition supplements that are marketed by Iovate Health Sciences Incorporated. Muscletech has a great reputation for conducting extensive research on the products that they create to support their claims. One of the most newest and recent supplements on the market is Gakic.

What Is Gakic?

Gakic was designed for those who want to be able to see muscular gains while not being able to feel tired. One of the main reasons why so many weight lifters feel fatigued or experience muscle failure, is because of the toxins that are produced in our bodies from the extra workout routines that we put through our muscles through to make them bigger and stronger. Among these toxins, ammonia and lactic acid are the main ones that cause fatigue, makes our muscles less productive, which of course sends us to the locker room in disappointment about our progress that forever taunts us in our workout journals.

How does It Work?

Gakic was created to neutralize these toxins, assists to maintain focus and provide muscles with 10 percent more muscle strength. The active ingredient in Gakic is glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium. This compound removes the traces of ammonia and acidic toxins in your muscle cells. The acid when entering the body is converted to leucine that carries out the function above as well as glycine and arginine which then are responsible for moving the removed Ammonia through the uric acid system to be eliminated from the body.

When these fats toxins are eliminated, it will allow for more weight to be lifted and for longer periods of time before your muscles actually tire. If more weight can be lifted, your muscles will grow bigger, faster. It is directed that Gakic be taken in powder or pill formula and one take it about 30 minutes before working out. Gakic is released into the blood system within 15 minutes, so it begins to take effect almost instantaneously.

Gakic is intended as a bodybuilding supplement. However, a lot of athletes who play football, hockey and basketball are becoming familiar with the product because it remains active in one's system for several hours. On training days, take one scoop of Gakic (in powder form) every 24 hours. In the pill form, eight pills are directed to be taken 30 minutes before training. Since Gakic is very potent and will outlast the most intense of workout, it is recommended that it only gets taken on those days. There are 16 servings in a container (pill and powdered forms), so if one trains every four days, there should be at least a month's supply.

In conclusion, I have been very impressed with Gakic. I can literally tell the difference when I am training because I began to notice that I can do more repetitions and I can push more weight without my muscles failing. In my opinion, Gakic is an excellent product, not just bodybuilders, but for all athletes as well. Looks like MuscleTech has done it again.


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