Tuesday, 14 August 2018

ErrorSmart Review – Is This Registry Cleaner Effective?

When I first came across the registry cleaner utility ErrorSmart and read a review of it, I was frankly skeptical of the product. Was this an ErrorSmart scam? The person writing the review had said that the IT tech at work had recommended that he try using ErrorSmart to correct his PC's sluggishness. The tech had said that the product was the "best on the market," and that it could clean any machine and restore it to the same efficiency as the day it first came out of the box.

Well, claims like this seemed a little over the top to me, so I went to the ErrorSmart download on their website to try a test version of the registry clean to see for myself just how well it performed. The file, which was just under three megabytes, downloaded fairly quickly. So far so good, eh! It installed like a dream without any problems. Okay, so far I'm liking what I see.

When the program opened up, the control panel was easy to read and easy to use. It told you exactly what the program would do for your PC andave you buttons to perform each function. I'm kind of a hands on sort of person when it comes to this sort of thing, so I was interested to see how it scanned. Sure enough, when the scan was finished (it took about two minutes) ErrorSmart displayed all the invalid files so I could see just which files were being singled out. That way I could confirm the invalid files from the valid files. I really liked that feature.

ErrorSmart's review of my registry revealed a total of 420 errors found, ranging from Active X, OLE and COM items to Add / Remove Program items and File Association items. While the test program only fixed a few of these, at least I knew what else needed fixing. When I compared this to the registry cleaner I was currently using, ErrorSmart found a whole lot more errors in about the same amount of time. Not only that, it was $ 17 dollars cheaper than my registry cleaner! Which is an industry leader. Go figure!

Can ErrorSmart do the job? You bet it can. And in addition, it comes with four extra features that some of the top brand registry cleaners do not include. It has a Full Registry Backup Utility, a Startup Program Manager, an Add / Remove Program Manager, and a Browser Helper Object Manager. When all is said and done, ErrorSmart is one complete registry repair utility that is well worth the money. It will give the Big Boys in the registry cleaning industry a real run for their money.


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