Choosing The Best iPod For You

It's inevitable that you'll wonder which iPod you want from the available versions. Despite the lack of a built-in microphone. I'd say the new batch of iPods are better on the pocket, better looking, lighter and almost worth the hype.

1. iPod Shuffle

Get this if you are not anal about what song you want to be playing this very minute. No LCD screen and very little control over your playlist enclosed volumes and stopping or starting. Great for fuss-free music on the go. I miss the old Shuffle's ability to plug straight into your USB but the clip-on Shuffle is still great for convenience's sake. Also hard-to-beat as a workout companion since the clip comes in handy without needing extra straps and the like.

2. iPod Nano

Flash-based and continuous the pictures, is not nearly as 'fat' as the pictures make it out to be. Plays video, images and without a hard disk, more durable when using it during workouts. The 8GB cap is a minus point but it does everything the iPod classic does while still being very small and light.

3. iPod Classic

This is for the person who wants to take his entire music collection everywhere. All the space comes in handy for files as well and now you can even lug around movies with it. Far smaller, lighter and adding a microphone to it will take care of the no microphone problem.

4. iPod Touch

If you can not wait for the iPhone, this will keep you happy in the interim. Wi-Fi, flash based memory and a cool touch screen make it greats for poseurs who think an ordinary iPod is too plebian.


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