Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Alpinestars Boot Review – Choosing the Right Motocross Boot


With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which Alpinestars boot is right for you. Obviously, we all would love to have top of the line boots, but often our budget dictates our options. This article explains the various Alpinestars boot options.

Let's start with the cream of the crop. If money is no object, you'll want to go with the Tech 10 Alpinestars boot. This is the latest and greatest from Alpinestars. The largest asset of the Tech 10 over a lower priced Alpinestars boot is an improved internal safety structure. The boots still allow you to move naturally, but protect your foot and ankle from unnatural movements and injury.

These boots also have a better weight distribution (lighter on the lower half) so they feel lighter moving around. Your legs will appreciate this feature on longer rides.

If the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots are out of your price range, you can save about $ 100 by stepping down to the Tech 8 Alpinestars boot. This has been the best boot on the market for years and next to the Tech 10, it still is. The Tech 8 Alpinestars boot offers plenty of protection and comfort.

If you want to save another $ 100, consider the Tech 6 Alpinestars boot. You'll give up the aluminum buckles in exchange for plastic, lose a removable bootie, and give up the replaceable sole. These are still good boots, but you really get a lot for your money by stepping up to the Tech 8 Alpinestars boot.

A pair of Tech 6 Alpinestars boot will set you back a little under $ 300 and a pair of Tech 10's run under $ 500. If you shop around, you can usually find them on sale. I use MCGearDeals.com. They have a listing of the best deals on Alpinestars boots , so I do not have to spend my time searching the web.

Whether you choose an Alpinestars boot or another brand, make sure you get the most protection you can afford. Do not be cheap with your foot protection. An ankle injury can ruin your riding for years. Do yourself a favor and get the most protection you can afford.


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