Audi SQ5 2Hollis JohnsonPROS: It has a satisfying engine, sleek styling, luxurious interior, good cargo capacity, nifty handling seating for five, and a fantastic infotainment system.

CONS: It will cost you. 

Let’s cut to the chase: the 2018 Audi SQ5 3.0T quattro tiptronic — that’s the vehicle’s full, grand name — is a superb SUV that costs a lot.  But it will give you just about everything you could possibly want in this segment of the market.

The SUV seats four comfortably, five people in a pinch, and it has a good amount of cargo space. The vehicle has sleek styling and features one of the best infotainment systems around. The SQ5 also has reasonable fuel economy and drives great.

But it begins pricing at $54,300, and our tester tipped the scales at a healthy $65,800, once options were added. So you gotta pay to play. 

Will you enjoy the playing? I kind of gave it away already, but read on for specifics: