Volvo V90 Cross Country review: The best car Volvo’s ever built

Here I am, hundreds of miles and months away from my time with the V90, and I’m still feeling wistful. This car, and the car I’m reviewing next week (stay tuned!), embedded themselves in my consciousness in a way that no car has done before.

It’s surprising, given that the V90 isn’t a particularly exciting car on paper. But the wonderful seats, airy cabin, stellar stereo and head-spinning looks have stuck with me — and I can trace it back to one moment.

I was cruising down I-90, at 2 a.m. in the pouring rain, seats heating and massaging me as Zac Brown Band played “Colder Weather” over the Bowers & Wilkins Stereo, while Volvo Drive Pilot guided me down the freeway. This was the most relaxing time I’ve ever had in a car. “This is a special, special car,” I thought to myself.

Months later, that feeling hasn’t faded. I’ve completely fallen for this machine — and I bet you will, too.


Exterior: 5

Interior: 5

Driving Experience: 4.5

Value: 4.5

Overall: 5

Price as configured: $69,440

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