Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Volusion Review


Volusion: The Good

Being an ecommerce platform, it’s hardly surprising that Volusion gets its core function of helping you manage sales right – but that’s not all it does well.

Product Management

You’ll find from the outset that Volusion’s product management is among the best in its class. You can add loads of detail to each product to make it more enticing to customers, and to help you keep track of how many you’re selling and how many you’ve got left in stock.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike some ecommerce builders – we’re looking at you, Shopify – Volusion won’t charge you a penny for making a sale. All the money you make from your site, you get to keep.

There is, however, a cap on the value of the sales you can make in a single month. We’ll discuss it more in the pricing section below, but even on the most expensive plan, you’ll be limited to $500k.

Reporting tools

Volusion has a great selection of reporting tools to help you keep track of your sales performance.

You’ll be able to see handy snippets of reporting in the Dashboard section (value of orders over time, top five products etc.). As you’d expect, you can go into more depth in the dedicated Reporting section. You’ll be able to see data on everything from orders in a specified timeframe to the number of authorized product returns.


Volusion offers 45 themes, which might seem like a paltry amount – especially when only 11 are free to use. However, they’re all mobile responsive and look great.

You can also adjust the color pallette of each theme, which can help you make your website stand out even more.


When you create your online store, you’ll be given a whirlwind tour of the software. This is much appreciated because, as we’ll explain below, Volusion’s software can be slightly confusing.

Volusion’s support staff will also give you a call almost as soon as you set up your site, offering to advise you on the initial setup of your site and the current state of your business. This support is a nice touch from Volusion and instantly makes you feel more connected to the software.


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