Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019
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UF’s digital media degree

Social media is a new marketing tool available to companies of all sizes. A good social media department can attract new customer, communicate with current customers and help with brand outreach and brand awareness campaigns. As this new technology is vital for a company wishing to stay competitive, those who understand how to leverage the platform can make themselves attractive to employers.

Not All Social Media Platforms are Created Equal

Someone who uses Twitter wants to keep up with the hottest trends and find links to interesting content in real time. Those who use Facebook want to read content that they can share and talk about with their friends on an ongoing basis. Vine and Instagram users want to share their thoughts and ideas via short pictures and videos that can be quickly posted online. Therefore, it is critical that the person who runs a social media campaign understands these differences and can engage users on multiple sites at once.

One Bad Tweet or Facebook Post Can Doom a Brand

All it takes these days is one offensive or insensitive tweet or post on Facebook to completely kill a brand. This is because social media posts can go viral and attract a lot of attention very quickly. If a post is gaining negative attention, millions of people could be turned off to your brand before they have a chance to hear or see any of the good that your brand has done in the past. 

Social Media Metrics are Complicated and Sophisticated

Not just anyone can keep track of the return on investment yielded by a social media campaign. It takes a lot of time and skill to determine which words and phrases are encouraging people to sign up for a newsletter or download an eBook. Unless you have a good understanding of Internet lingo, you may not understand what a click-through rate is or what a conversion rate is. 

Although anyone can use social media, not everyone can use social media appropriately for business purposes. This is why it may be worthwhile to look into UF’s digital media degree program or a social media degree program from any school that you would like to attend. 

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