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TouchBistro POS Review


TouchBistro POS: Core Features

Tableside Order Management

TouchBistro POS ordering featuresWhile many POS services offer limited or no tableside options, TouchBistro makes it simple for a server to place an order directly to the kitchen while still standing in front of the table they’re serving. Servers can select the quantity and type of menu item, sorting by both seats and courses in order to get everything right. Automatic prompts can remind servers what potential upsells could be suggested with each item. Then, when the meal’s over, servers can separate or join seats with a simple swipe or tap in order to split the bill with minimal effort.

Menu Management

Managers can create, edit and upload customized menus to their POS app, adding and subtracting menu items as needed. Low inventory alerts can help managers know which items to remove before a customer orders something that isn’t available. In addition, data reports help managers know which menus and items sell the best, allowing them to create even better menus in the future.

CRM Features

Customer relationship management (CRM) features allows servers to reward repeat vistors. Once an account is set up for a regular customer, favorite items can be suggested to servers whose memories might not supply “the usual” quite as quickly as TouchBistro’s software can. These customers’ favorite orders can also help guide managers as they build new menus or consider special promotions.

Floor Plan & Table Management

TouchBistro POS tableside featuresTouchBistro also offers table management options, a staple feature of restaurant POS services. A customizable floor plan allows you to layout your entire operation, down to the table size. Servers can then move parties around as needed. The result? Portable maps that update in real time, putting everyone on the same page and speeding up service.

Staff Management

With TouchBistro POS, staff can clock in and out, and managers can easily track their hours. Accounts for individual employees allow managers to keep staff-specific details in mind, and in-app messaging allows staff members to contact each other throughout a shift.

Seamless staff management pays off. As recently as August 2018, restaurateurs have reported up to four percent cuts in their total labor costs as a result of their TouchBistro app.

Mobile Sales

Mobile payment processors supported on TouchBistro’s system include Square, iZettle, Chase Paymentech, Moneris, Worldpay and PayPal. Servers will be able to take cash, card and debit.

Inventory Management

Another core POS feature, inventory management tracks both menu items sold and the ingredients that go into each one. Alerts let managers and staff know when an item needs to be restocked. In addition, profit margins for each item can be tracked, letting managers know which items offer the worst return on investment.

Reporting & Analytics

TouchBistro POS reporting featuresDaily reports can be auto-delivered to senior staff members. Managers can use the data collected from every other feature in order to determine future plans: Which tables are most popular, which menu items should be promoted, and which servers work the fastest at which times. Since inventory and sales are tracked to the last detail, theft can be noted and deterred.

Hardware Needs

TouchBistro runs on all iPads after the first four generations. You should also use a wireless router, which allows the TouchBistro POS to run on a secured local network. If you’re a small operation, one iPad and a router should be all the hardware you need.

If you’re using multiple iPads, you’ll need a central hub to serve as the “brain” of your POS software. If you use five or fewer iPads, an Apple Mac Mini Computer is best. If you use six or more iPads, try a iMac Computer, and if you have fifteen or more, TouchBistro recommends a Mac Pro.


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