This doorbell lets you see who’s at your front door, even when you’re not home

I love that the doorbell has a constant source of power, but that meant I needed to place it pretty much exactly where my old doorbell was (unless I wanted to do some of my own construction). The Ring Doorbell 2, on the other hand, can be stuck anywhere.

This also meant that the August doorbell had to be placed within a small vestibule of my front door, instead of outside where I’d prefer to have placed it. I supposed I could have worked to rewire it completely to the outside, but that would require a lot more work.

I also found that there was a bit of a delay, about 10-20 seconds or so, while connecting to the camera when I wasn’t home. This isn’t a huge deal, but I wish it were faster. Thankfully, it takes a snapshot whenever someone rings the doorbell, or if it sees motion, so you won’t miss any action if you can’t jump in soon enough.

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