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The Importance of a Security Turnstile in Retail Settings

HS427-SThe most common placement for turnstiles is near subways, train stations and in convention centers. Retailers do use security turnstiles in their establishments as well. These do slow down those that wish to do harm or commit a crime and help a retail location to be more organized in the entrance area. It is important, at the same time to have handicap accessible entry and exit options for consumers at the same time since some are unable to fit a wheelchair or walker through a turnstile efficiently.
Provides Conformity to Incoming and Exiting Foot Traffic
A turnstile is a security checkpoint but is also a means of adding conformity to entering and exiting buildings. It is ideal to have two in place, one for entering and one for exiting. This helps consumers enter and exit a building without fighting for a door, waiting for someone standing in the way searching for their keys and eases leaving a building for those that have trouble opening heavy doors.
Organizes the Entrance and Exit Locations
Multiple doors leave consumers deciding which door is the right one to get in and out of a building quickly. Organized entrance and exit locations make the flow of the store much better and reduces consumer frustration with cluttered doorways.
A multitude of businesses can benefit from using these turnstiles in their establishments. It is not meant to slow consumers down or catch thieves faster in every location but it is one purpose. It is easier for a member of the security staff to catch up with someone going through a turnstile than simply darting out a door.