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Technology is Regularly Improving Hearing Aids

1509866_10152692295369112_1325062325_nHearing loss has been a problem from the beginning of time, and in the distant past, we cupped our ears and asked our friends to shout in order to hear. Hearing aids brought sound to many for the first time, but today technology has taken hearing aids to a whole new level. To get an idea of the things that are possible with hearing aids today, you can have a look at Miracle Ear’s Facebook page.

Old Tech

Modern hearing aids were first invented in 1898. They had a carbon transmitter to help amplify sound. This technology was a huge advancement for its time but needed to be kept on top of a table to work. It only helped people who had minor hearing loss, but the inventor kept at it and invented a portable version.

With telephone technology, hearing aids became electric in the early 1900s and had large and heavy batteries that could be worn around the neck that only lasted for two or three hours. In the 1920s, vacuum technology took hearing aids another giant leap forward, and by the 1940s, you could put them in your pocket. In 1955, the first hearing aid that fits completely inside the ear was introduced.

New Tech

There are several different types of hearing aids today. They are manufactured to fit the ear and have several advanced features. They give you speech recognition that is better than a person with normal hearing. They also have HD digital sound, directional focus that allows you to zoom in on someone speaking, and there are apps that allow you to modify the settings with your smartphone.

How to Select the Right Hearing Aid

There are hearing aids for every lifestyle. If you are an active outdoors person, and often get dirty and wet, there is a hearing aid to suit your lifestyle. Some people such as construction workers, rock musicians and people who work near rock musicians, airport personnel and others require advanced hearing protection that doesn’t block speech.

If you would prefer that no one can detect your hearing aid, it’s not a problem. There are hearing aids that fit inside your hearing canal and are literally invisible. If you are a music-lover with hearing loss, you’re in luck. You can get a device that allows you to hear all the notes and harmonies and is compatible with Bluetooth® and your smartphone.

If you think you may need a hearing aid but aren’t sure, just get a hearing test. Hearing aids are so technologically advanced that you’ll hear sounds you may have missed for years and get your life back to normal.