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Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Recently I saw an ad for something called a “rotating outlet.” What madness was this? Something that allowed more than one ginormous plug to be plugged into one surge protecting strip at the same time? Amazing! I had to have one. But which was the best one?


I purchased three of these Rotating Outlet Surge Protectors to check them out. Two are made by Belkin, and the third came from SurgExpert. Of course, when the box arrived, Chris mentioned that he had installed one in his office three years ago. I had just never seen it – or noticed its awesomeness.


When I took them out of the box, I noticed that two of them were virtually identical, right down to the cable management clip to keep the cords out of the way. To test them, I used the same big plugs; one from a router and one that charges multiple USB devices at the same time. On the two power strips, they easily fit side by side, rotated to opposite sides. With the wall outlet, I had to put one on either side. It didn’t allow enough rotation to put them next to each other.



Rotating Outlets – I review three


* Belkin – with 8′ cord and phone protection
I paid $27 for this one. Included with the purchase price is $150,000 or “Connected Equipment Warranty”, so if a lightning strike fries your router or printer, “Belkin will spend, to repair or replace the damaged connected equipment, at Belkin’s option, an amount equal to the fair market value of the damaged equipment…”




* Belkin Wall Outlet
I paid $16 for the wall rotating outlet which comes with a $50,000 “Connected Equipment Warranty” as described above. This

one was easy to install, and, for a wall outlet, I think it works pretty well. And in the past few days, I’ve thought of other places that needs this as well.









* SurgExpert with 8 Outlets
This Rotating Outlet was also $27, but doesn’t have the phone line protection, and also doesn’t have a “Connected Equipment Warranty”. But it does have a rotating plug which gives you more flexibility when plugging it in. Like the Belkin above, which it is virtually identical to, it also has a cord maintenance clip to help keep your cords organized.


What’s Best? In the end, I liked the SurgExpert the best. It had a more neutral color, and I really like the rotating plug. The Belkin is a better value though, as it comes with the ability to protect a phone line, as well as the warranty. I will also be purchasing another of the Belkin wall outlets. There are places where you don’t need an extension cord and do want all of your plugs to go to the same place. I can think of several places to install another one of those.


I hope you found this review helpful. Let us know your thoughts when you see us!



Chris Eddy of Geek For Hire, Inc. has been providing computer service to families and small businesses with Mac’s and PC’s for the past fourteen years. His company is highly rated by both the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and by Angie’s List. You can find more on our website. Geek For Hire, Inc. provides onsite service (Tier 3) to the Denver / Boulder / Front Range area and remote service throughout North America.


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