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Tech Thursday: WhatsApp is set to introduce silent and vacation modes

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The popular messaging service plans to introduce a whole bunch of new features starting with Vacation Mode first. With Vacation Mode, the app will prevent archived chats from becoming active once a new message is received.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on this feature and it’s not yet available for development reasons.

Vacation Mode

Currently, when you archive a chat, WhatsApp automatically unarchives it once a new message is received from that chat. The Vacation Mode feature will soon change the way archived chats work. When the feature is enabled from your WhatsApp Notification Settings, archived chats won’t be unarchived if you have previously muted them.

This option will soon be available in WhatsApp Settings (for IOS, Android and Windows Phone in future), then Notifications.

When you enable Vacation Mode, muted archived chats won’t be unarchived until you unmute or unarchive them. This is something users have been asking for since WhatsApp added the Archive Chat feature.

This means you can use this option for your muted groups. When you archive a muted group the chat goes to sleep and will never be automatically unarchived.

Silent Mode

WhatsApp has enabled a new feature for Android called Silent Mode, which allows users to hide the app badge for muted chats. It is already enabled on your WhatsApp. It gets annoying when you’ve muted a chat and still see the app badge with how many messages you have received. With this new feature, you will never see the badge when you receive a message from muted chats and groups. All you have to do is go to Settings and enable it.

Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts is a feature currently being developed for WhatsApp Business. It is a way to link your account with external services. It is not yet available on both apps.


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