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Tech Review: Don’t buy Studio Beats headset


Beats by Dr Dre are inconsistent and poorly constructed. You almost think that they are made to intentionally break to force users to go out and buy another set at the over-priced price tag of $299. The sound is poor quality and their just not worth it. They easily break

By Ray Hanania

A good headphone set is important. I prefer one with a cord that plugs into the laptop or the iPhone, although in hindsight, I probably should ave purchased a wireless set that requires the laborious hassle of constantly charging them.

As it turns out, you have to constantly charge the wired Dr Dre Beats, too. It’s such a terrible hassle.

The cord that you plug in and out of the headset is constantly breaking. Worse, is they cost $20 to replace and you can’t just order one without paying a high shipping charge from or other online stores. And, you have to wait a week or even longer to get them.

Dr Dre Beats headset, headphones. A great sound in a product that isn't made to last. You're just wasting your money buying them. Photo courtesy of Ray Hanania

Dr Dre Beats headset, headphones. A great sound in a product that isn’t made to last. You’re just wasting your money buying them. Photo courtesy of Ray Hanania

Most tech stores like Best Buy — which is really the “worst buy” — don’t carry the cords you need to plug into the headset. You need the cord with the microphone and it has to be stereo. And believe it or not, the stores prefer that instead of giving you a replacement cord for $20, they want you to get frustrated so you have to purchase a new headphone set.

Why wouldn’t they wan that? The headset costs more than $300 with taxes.

The Dr Dre Beats are the most unreliable, although Bose also requires that you charge your wired headset in order to use them. And their cord also breaks easily. Worse with the Bose headsets is that the wire cord has two different plugs on the same wire. A large standard size plug that fits into an iPhone or a laptop at one end near the microphone, and a smaller male input that fits into the headset.

You think they did this on purpose to force consumers to purchase their specific cord, when they break?

The only guarantee that Dr Dre Beats has is that the cord will break. Easily. The end will bend and snap a wire inside the plastic cord. You can’t fix it. You have to purchase a new one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase a generic cord to fit on the headset for all of the headsets regardless of manufacturer?

Well, that would reduce the profiteering of the tech industry. Their goal isn’t to manufacture reliable, high quality products. Their goal is to make crap that falls apart, breaks down and requires another investment. The hope is that you get frustrated trying to track down a replacement cord that you just go out and buy another headset and pay a fortune, making them wealthy.

Junk to wealth. It’s a robber baron formula for success.

My recommendation is to avoid Dr Dre Beats altogether. Find a generic headset that doesn’t cost much and offers the near same quality. They won’t break and you will save yourself a fortune in wasted money and in time trying to find a replacement part that Beats does not provide.

They really suck. And I say that in high definition surround sound. Drop them. Find another product and save yourself the hassle.

I spend and waste my money on junk technology, so you don’t have too.

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist, author and former Chicago City Hall reporter (1976-1992).

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